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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage is one of the primary reasons, so many of our clients come to us. We combine different techniques to help people eliminate toxic lymph from their body and regain their ability to properly flush fat and metabolic waste out of their system. When delivered by a certified specialist, lymphatic drainage massages can also help our clients to purge unwanted weight and water from their bodies. 

We provide specialized massage modalities to help such people find the relief they deserve. We discover the root cause of your lymphatic dysfunction through proven techniques and expert care and help ease it in a simple, safe, and non-invasive way. All our treatments are performed by qualified and experienced massage therapists who focus on giving you the kind of results you can tangibly feel after every session with us.

Lymphatic Dysfunction can cause extreme stress, trigger pain and hamper your happiness. While many people have to rely on harmful drugs to give them short-term relief, others opt for risky surgical procedures in the hope of a pain-free life, at Lipo Lounge JAX we offer a non-invasive alternative!

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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